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Fineo IoT Data Platform

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Simple REST APIs and helpful SDKs make connecting devices a breeze Secured with industry standard encryption and entirely open source.

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Native JDBC/ODBC interfaces with ANSI SQL support means nearly seamless integration into your existing applications and BI tools.

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One place for all your data. Ask about the last 5 hours, or the last 5 years, and get lightning fast answers - even across petabytes of data.

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Replace burdensome ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) scripts with simple clicks on the dashboard, or with our intuitive SDKs or REST APIs.


Developers love our platform


01 Fat-finger proof

Mess up a column name? No problem! Just remap the field in the dashboard and get all the data back.

02 One API

One place for all your data. Skip the pain of managing different types of storage engines and shuffling data - just get your answers.

03 Integrated security

Audit your usage in SQL, on the platform. Comprehensive access control ensures you know can access your data.

04 You already know SQL

No need to learn a new query language to when querying or building your dashboards.

05 Painless scalability

Fineo is built to handle any scale data so you can focus on building your product, rather than managing servers.

06 Native BI Integration

Keep using your existing tools and dashboards - your workflow doesn't change.

What I would want to build, given the time - its the “right thing”...the ETL tools [are] useful as we get more data sources.
— Sean-Michael Lewis (CTO, Cortex Intel)