Turn key scale

Want to build the next world changing connected product, but don't want to have to worry about scaling up servers, managing infrastructure? Fineo's platform makes getting started a breeze and handles all the heavy lifting. That means you can focus on the magic that makes your business great, be it understanding building blueprints, tracking shopper behavior or monitoring server behavior.


Built from the ground-up for the cloud by Big Data experts, Fineo is able to handle any scale of data. With proactive scaling systems in place we allocate capacity to ensure your data is always able to be written and queried.

Schema Made Easy

You want to make a change - collect new data, rename a field, etc. - but need to coordinate with the database, manage old data still coming in... it's a nightmare. Schema management and evolution has long meant ugly scripts that are painful to maintain and onerous data transformation jobs. Pretty much the bane of moving quickly.

Fineo's revolutionary schema tools mean you can send almost any shape of data and map it into the correct format, all at the click of a button. That means you can just start sending your current data to Fineo - no overhead, no muss, no fuss - and then when the data changes, you are a click away from integrating it.

Streaming Data

One device or a million? Fineo auto-magically scales to any need so you can focus on your product, rather than managing servers and capacity. It only takes minutes to integrate our wildly simple SDKs and API into your existing devices.

Converting existing infrastructure?

No problem! Fineo supports batch ingest in a variety of formats through raw files or Amazon S3 file dumps. Exposed through our 'batch' API you can completely convert your infrastructure by the end of the day.