Built for business

As a cloud-native platform, we know failures are normal and do extensive testing for everything from bad data to full data center failures. Architected to ensure reliability, we incorporate industry best practices for upgrades, including continuous Blue/Green deployments supported by extensive testing suites, sandboxes and dark launches.

Data safety is a Fineo core competency. We ensure data never gets lost by leveraging multiple redundant storage mechanisms.

All data is stored at least twice in Amazon S3, which itself is redundant, provides 99.999999999% durability and is designed to sustain concurrent failures of two facilities. We also have a third copy of recent data in DynamoDB, a fault-tolerant NoSQL database, which also keeps at least two copies of the data.



Built on expertise from places like Salesforce.com and the NSA, Fineo's platform has been designed for security from the beginning. All communication is made over secure channels, so data in-flight is never at risk, anywhere on the platform. By enabling our "At Rest Encryption" add-on, you can ensure that only the people you choose can read your data - not even Fineo will be able to read your data.

Authentication & Authorization

All API access is authenticated by Amazon IAM roles and tracked by per-company API keys. Read access supports enterprise grade, fine-grained access controls per-user. Levering standard group-based authorization you can easily manage access for your entire organization.


Every action - every read, every permission change, every update - all get funneled back into the platform so you can leverage the same SQL tools to do in-depth auditing and analysis. Absolutely necessary for regulated industries, auditing can help you understand who and how you are using Fineo.