Picture a world where your database transforms to fit your data. A world where your database scales without having to do anything. Imagine lightning fast analytics on years of data or real-time dashboards in the same platform. What could you do?


The Fineo platform marries the ease of traditional SQL with the scalability and flexibility of NoSQL. More data used to mean more headaches, not insights. As you get more data, you get more insights, not more headaches. Our innovative No-ETL tools gets rid of all the painful overhead of other databases so you can focus on what really matters to you.


With industry-standard security, auditing and access controls, Fineo is built for the modern enterprise. Our real-time analytics give you insight into what is happening right now with your business. These same tools can then be used for deep historical analysis to drive your company into the future.


With billions of devices coming online in the IoT revolution, we are seeing an explosion of data unlike ever before. Unfortunately, data is not a core competency of most companies, so few have the resources or ability to turn data into insights. With Fineo you can avoid all those painful data management concerns - your only limitation is your imagination.

I save so much time by using Fineo
— Joe Adams (business analyst)
This platform makes it easy to understand and grow my business
— Jill Miller (business owner)