Inside the Architecture

Fineo has been built from the ground-up for the next generation cloud. It's able to proactively scale to manage any volume of incoming data and is built on a cutting edge database to support an infinite amount of data.

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Secure API

Everything in Fineo goes through an encrypted API layer that does authentication and authorization based on industry standard protocols. This layer also uses per-tenant API keys to ensure strict tenant isolation throughout the stack.

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Next-Gen Compute

All queries are broken down into their component parts and are distributed to a scalable execution engine that dynamically optimizes queries for the best data store (or mix of data stores). Integrartion with our revolutionary tools enables rapidly evolving schema.

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Smart Pipelines

All writes to Fineo feed through a dynamically scalable "buffer" that is used to drive pipelined processing stages. As the buffer starts to get overwhelmed we auto-magically scale in order to adequately support the necessary volumes.

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Advanced storage

We keep multiple versions of data in multiple databases, so we can highly optimize queries. We know that databases are not one-size-fits-all, so we turn that paradigm on its head and pick the right tool for the right job (or rather, right database for a query).