We are happy to talk about almost everything in our company through regular blogs, meetups and open sourcing our code. Open communication and community involvement raises all boats.


Security is hard. We understand its a journey, where you frequently have to innovate and over-prepare just to stay in the game. And that sounds like fun. Built on a world-class security foundation and constant improvement we are excited to drive enterprise security forward.


We are defining the next generation of data management and want to amaze customers at every turn. Things should be easy, simple and clean so customers can focus on their businesses, not on their data. Internally, we want to work with the very best people. We are excited to leverage cutting edge technologies and build plenty of our own too.


          Founder / CEO

          Founder / CEO

Jesse Yates

Jesse spent the last seven years building enterprise Big Data solutions for places like and the NSA. Along the way he also joined the leadership for two ApacheTM Big Data projects. Now he is committed to bringing this same technology to the nascent IoT industry.